Beyond Belief: 10 steps to synchronistic living

synchronicity ˌ

sɪŋkrəˈnɪsɪti/ noun noun: synchronicity

the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”such synchronicity is quite staggering”

if anyone asks me how i got into synchronistic living there is always one simple answer i give… i had to. i was so unhappy, scratching my face off, damaging my eyes, suicidal, devastatingly lonely and utterly desperate.

i had to believe there was a point to life in order for me to keep living.

i remember one extremely hard day i was trying to get through, in london to see one direction with my 14 year old daughter and her friend (not cause it was one direction in case you are wondering!), whilst hiding that i was pregnant and feeling extremely sick. the father who i loved so much had just left me for cocaine. i was not going to keep the baby i wanted. i was crumbling, breaking apart, barely holding it together.

and on the tube a lady put her hand up to hold the railings…

i saw tattooed on her wrist “just breathe”… it was like a message from an angel. peace and believe washed through my body removing some distress.

so, here are ten tips to help you tune in too.


  1. slow down!! slow down!! if there is just one tip i want you to remember today it is this… slow down. give yourself time. remove stress. it is near impossible to see any signs until you slow yourself!
  2. still yourself, be still in a moment. free yourself from any mind chatter even if only for a few seconds. to stop the mind, tune inot your breathing. focus your energy on that centre of yourself, down in the stomach, breathe in and out.
  3. listen, taste, see, feel, smell. tune into the present moment. you can do this wherever you are, but if it is hard at first take yourself to nature and try this whilst sitting on a bench. then try it whilst walking. feel your feet on the ground and your head connected to the sky.
  4. write in your journal. take it with you wherever you go. doing this is so powerful as you are making a concious effort to get your story going and from this concius effort your subconsious will sit up and be a bit more alert. think of your journal as your soul mate. The One. You are the one. you can tell anything to your journal. the pages are your most amazing friend. your higher self. this is soul work.
  5. when thoughts come, let them come. don’t judge and simply try to centre yourself again by watching your breathe. write the thoughts down. believe that there is a reason. make the choice that there is a higher power, and that you wish to know it personally.
  6. ask for a sign. simple. do not search for a sign.
  7. know that this sign will happen. knowing is going beyond belief. breathe into the knowing.
  8. you can fake it to make it, or authenticate it to make it. just be super real about where you are now in your life. don’t judge yourself, don’t let others judgements get to you (yes i know this is super difficult at times). or write down any judgements.
  9. believe you have chosen the life you are living and you are EXACTLY where you need to be. this is powerful. this thinking will stop you being a victim of circumstances and will let the happenings in your life become your greatest teachers.
  10. practice practice practice. be patient with yourself and remember your dream work too! signs can come in dreams.

have you got any personal stories regarding signs and synchronicity? I am looking to share any happening to my website and blog so please get in contact as i am dying to hear how you get on!

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