ten steps to help your dreams communicate to you

i have been writing down dreams since just after i started writing down my days 13 years ago. back then, i had a dream of the 2004 tsunami same time as it happened and have been fascinated by the power of dreams ever since. when i was young i was also amazed by dreams. i wanted dorothy to wake up from her over the rainbow dream still wearing her ruby slippers. i felt cheated that she was not! but anyway, here are some tips from my own experience to help you dream with more clarity.


  1. write down your day at the end of the day in a journal. the reason this helps is because dreams act as a filter for your day, your weeks, your months and years, so the more clear you can be of the past stuff or stuff that happened in the day, the clearer you will be for having clarity in your dreams.
  2. keep the same pen and journal by your bed, or a recording device (not your phone, these should be no where near the bedroom) if you find it too much to put light on to write. you could even put the journal or recording device under your pillow (NOT YOUR PHONE as this will cloud your head), so you can record your dream when you wake up. they have a habit of vanishing pretty quick unless you do make this effort, and then the message is lost.
  3. just before you go to sleep ask for a dream regarding what ever you want help with and set your intention to dream. let go of the outcome.
  4. when you have recorded or written your dream down try not to judge. look at each dream as though it is a painting or a film especially created by you, the artist of your life. each thing in the painting/film is a special metaphor for you.
  5. Throw away any dream interpretation book! i personally have never used one and never needed to use one. as you dream more and more you will come to know your own dream language.  i do however believe that any dreams where you are travelling represent your journey in life, and dreams about houses or buildings can represent your head or home space.
  6. pick out a couple of main features from your dream… for example a person or place.
  7. think of three words that describe that person or place, or how they make you feel. for example last night i dreamt of being in my home. three words to describe: safe, needing care, decoration. i also dreamt that there were people from my past in my home and wanting to live there. three words to describe these people: school, crowded, unwanted. so the basic message of the dream was telling me to make a better space in my house, to not let unwanted people in to my head, that i needed self care and repair, and also the feeling of the dream was one of strength and happiness, so that i am pretty happy where i am at this moment.
  8. after you have written your dream down and tried to work out what it may mean, try to take steps that actual day to do what your dream is telling you. for example, i will keep on looking at improving my home and head space. stay in the day. be mindful.
  9. once the dream is written down it tunes you in to being clear for the day ahead. be alert but relaxed, about signs finding you. do not frantically search for signs as this will make you crazy. relax and know that the universe has you back and all is taken care of. breathe. do your day.
  10. repeat from step one!

it can be helpful to get someone to listen to your dream and help you bounce ideas around of what it may mean. now this is not always easy, as people kind of glaze over when you tell them a dream in my experience, or indeed they don’ t listen at all as they are thinking about their own dreams to tell, or they are scathing of any dream power and so you could lose the magic from tuning in to their energy. consider therapy, someone who is trained to listen to you properly. or indeed trust yourself and carry on regardless.


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