I hope he wins

i was never into voting. then russell brand came along and said something like “dont vote” and i was like yeah i understand that. and then he said  “give us something decent to vote for”, and i agreed. and then enter stage left Mr. Jeremy Corbyn…. the only politician who is so unpoliticianny that i feel he is real, authentic, GENUINE. He is amazing. Even if he does not manage to keep all the promises, you know in his heart he would really like to. so today I am voting labour. and i will pray i wake up in the morning and things are changed. that my 17 year old and other young people will not have to be 50k in debt if she goes to uni, that i or anyone else won’t have to worry too much about paying for health care, i dont really want the extra bank holidays as i have to fight panic attacks from them, but yes yes yes make the fat cats pay tax, feed the little children breakfast and lunch at school, listen more, stop the bombs and make this world a better place. wish i could add a picture here of Corbyn riding a unicorn and shooting rainbow beams out his hands, but i have not yet worked out how to add pictures.