Be The Change You Want To See

I have just come home from my Post traumatic Stress Disorder group at Exeter University. I attend there as a client. Anyway, I’m not writing about that today… but I will say I left the group feeling content, connected, happy and supported.


On the Stagecoach Exeter D bus home the bus driver was so happy too! I know, I know, hard to believe, but once in a while you do get a happy bus driver. And I want to write about how that happy bus driver to spread more happiness, he was spreading all this happiness around the bus, saying things like “Is everybody ready?” and people started to answer “YEEEESSSS”, and off we went. I am sure if the ride had been more than the ten minutes I was on it there could of been a sing along, possibly to “Wheels on the Bus” or The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour”. It was just so life affirming. People getting off were thanking the driver for his cheerfulness and I watched them alight from the bus with smiles on their faces, and maybe they in turn would spread that happiness further and further in their day, even if only for a few minutes until other thoughts came in their head. A chain reaction. I was so taken aback with this unusual bus experience that I even took a picture of the interior and posted it, with enhancing filter, onto my instagram. Instagram is my happiness jar and i would have so forgotten that happy bus driver myself at times when worries or the negatives took over, which they do.


I wish I had asked the bus driver his name, and in a second I am going to go onto Stagecoach website to thank them for employing him.


So this is what the post is about… being the change. Complaining people are miserable? Be More Happy. People don’t help enough? Help more. Lonely? Get out and help lonely people. The other day, a Sunday which can be a really hard day for some, I woke with a crippling loneliness that would of in past times had me scratching and hurting myself. This time I posted on a Facebook group I joined called “Surviving the Narcissistic Ex Partner” saying how I was feeling so lonely, and within minutes there were lots of “me too” replies or suggestions for self care that helped me not feel alone in my loneliness, and also helped others not be frightened of speaking up when there feel the same, which of course gave me a lift to get out of the house.


The Sunday afternoon I went to visit Exeter Mosque as they had an open day Again, Be The Change You Want To See. I will not let terror terrify me, I will build love and hope instead of fear. We will build love and hope, the whole world is changing on this, it’s the ripple effect. It was a fascinating visit and I shall go again this Sunday when they have another Celebration for Eid. I shall talk to people and learn more about difference and similarities. Come along.


Also this last week I attended an Exeter Launch of Good for Nothing is a group started seven years ago who want to do good, for nothing! They run little and big projects across cities all over the world and are growing and growing. Being The Change. In the light of terrorist activity and the Grenfell tower fire here in Britain, I was in tears at the sadness and in tears as so moved at how so many people went to help one another, difference and diversity coming together in humanity and spreading love in the face of despair and loss and grief.


oh and by the way Sunday after starting the day in lonely almost panic I ended the day creating my own dating site!! yip crazy, I did. No I was not drunk at all, and I woke up the next morning feeling I had dreamt it. But is the domain name and it is being designed now by … Thank you Adam Mitchell 🙂


Thats all I have time to write about. So today, instead of complaining, instead of being a victim… BE THE CHANGE!