I dreamt of him the other night…

He has not visited me in my sleep for a while.
This time he has signed up to a rehab type course, for drinking too much.
I am to be his voluntary mentor.
He has specifically asked for me.

Slightly aged, it has been ten years since I saw him, fatter.
Dark eyes still cheeky, that grin,
but less sparkle.
time has dimmed his shine.

I am slightly reluctant to help. Not sure why.
But still I wake happy to have seen him. I bask in the memory of the dream when I wake. But I do not dread my real life anymore, not at the moment.

And so if he is me, my animus as Jung would of called him, my power animal in human form, my soul come to visit me as I dream, reunited, telling me where I am now on my Journey… in recovery from abusing myself, trying to find that shine in my eyes again…