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Chocolate fudge (by my mum Marion Cromar… thanks mum!)

You need a 11inch by 7inch baking tray, lined with parchment or grease proof paper. I found it best to use a wok when making this fudge,

4oz marg
4oz granulated sugar
397grm tin condensed milk
2 heaped tablespoons golden syrup
(All the above get put in the wok to melt)
4oz sultanas
8oz crushed shortbread
6oz chocolate

Line baking tray with paper
Crush the shortbread until it is a fine texture.
In the wok/ saucepan melt
Marg, sugar add condensed milk and syrup, bring very gently to the boil, stirring all the time, so that it does not stick. Boil for 5 minutes.
Remove from the heat

Add sultanas, stir well, add crushed shortbread stir well, making sure that all the ingredients are incorporated together.

Pour into the lined baking tray and leave to cool and set.

Melt chocolate , can be done in the wok / saucepan or the microwave
When melted pour over the fudge mix and leave to cool a bit.
When cooled mark off with a sharp knife to size that you prefer.

Hopefully you find this easy to make and it should turn out delicious !!