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About me… I have had a lifetime of working to recover from my own addictive behaviour, a form of self harm. I bare many, many scars. This included working out when the self destructive behaviour took hold, the reasons why I had developed it, how I could free myself from it and how I actually needed it to help me in some way, and how to move beyond it serving me. It is this addiction which led me to train as a counsellor and psychotherapist, in my seeking for healing. I have been in personal relationship with a partner who was an addict. I know how painful it is and how difficult it is to find help and speak out without being judged by others. I have many friendships with many people in recovery. I have been training individuals and groups in counselling skills for the past ten years, working in setting such as prisons, with people with severe disability, or tutoring groups of people in recovery to help them listen to others who may ask for help. I can help you uncover the reasons why this addiction has come into your life, as well as mindful coping mechanisms for day to day recovery. I work with many differing schools of theory from the research done on talking therapy. I am especially gifted in working with the power gained from journal writing. This tunes you into the power of dreams and writing a journal can help you enter into a more secret world of synchronicity, and the law of attraction. We are all the lead characters in our own books. I hold a Masters in Creative Writing and Personal Development.


About counselling…

What is your wound that never heals?

What is making you stuck in your life?

Why have you got a life?

Who is the real you?

What does it all mean?

Have you lost your will?

Are you worthy of love?

Are you worthy of success?

What is love to you?

What does your soul crave for?


Above are some of the questions that we can explore in our sessions, so that you get to know your own truth. Unlock the potential of your true self. I will walk alongside you in your journey of discovery, listening to your heart and your mind.


Who needs counselling and psychotherapy? Anyone can benefit from counselling. It is not weak to seek therapy, and it is an extremely brave step to take.




What I offer…

Supportive, creative, in depth short term counselling or long term psychotherapy, in areas such as…

Addiction recovery

Self image

self esteem work

Inner child work

Relationship difficulties

Spiritual emergence or emergency



Post traumatic stress and complex post traumatic stress

Existential life crisis

Loneliness and isolation


Loss and bereavement


I run courses in Journalling, Mindfulness for daily living, as well as training in Counselling Skills and Counselling Studies.


Cost per counselling or psychotherapy session: £45 in person, £35 video link, email or phone. Sessions last an hour unless otherwise agreed.

Cost of supervision: £60 for hour and a half

Possibility of lower cost sessions for those on low income.

Please message me for more information. 

many thanks, 

Jennifer Cromar, MA MBACP PGCE advanced dip. Psychotherapeutic counselling. 

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision and Training, adhering to the code of ethics and good practice as set out by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy